Stay @ Home 2022 Results

Stay@home Competition 2022
March Competition - CPI - OpenApril Competition - MPI - OpenMay Competition - CP - LandscapeJune Competition - MP - Portraits
MPS No.Title of ImageTotalTitle of ImageTotalTitle of ImageTotalTitle of ImageTotalTotal for 4 Comp.
866Piazza San Marco16Gondola Veneziano16The refuge15The Jazz player13
866Rainy Days16Siena court yard18First Steps15Kelly15188
866Ground control to major Tom18The tiger15Lago Misurina15The young photographer16
308Red in the alley12Capella di Vitaleta16Solo tree15Weeper16
308Praevalere16Enlightened17Misty Morning17Mananni15184
308Freddie the Cobbler11The italian biker17Lake Dobbiaccio in Autumn15The olive picker17
968Tiny world17Into the unknow16Serenity13I, we & we14
968Liquid umbrella16Spirit of darkness15Fort Willliam13The model15180
968Spider15Touching drops16Castle Stalker13The farmer17
738Colle Santa Lucia15Hunters lodge15Lago di Dabiaco16Dancing with the sea14
738Wooden Hut15The assassin14Misurina14Under my umbrella13173
738Braies14Venice gondola16Venice13Shy away14
1100Meeting with a horse14Doglife13Front12With my pet13
1100Church14The tree12Freezing12Astrid12152
1100Bridge15The window12Sea Smoke11The boy12
582Red wine16Morocco frame maker15Observing Landscape110
582Medical notes14One on one13River Vision140122
582The boss12Three in one16Mountain Top110
963First rays on Filfla12Dome on boxes12Waves130
963Lippija tower12Rough sea13Tranquility140117
963Wild flower12Xaqqa Cliffs14Phare du Petit Minou150
1162Solitudni13Empire states13Approuching Storm130
1162Porta Crucis12Paci12Katmandu110109
1162Le Dome13Ricasoli ghost12Osiris eye100
1154Forty year ago13Citadel nightscene14Joppa golden sunset120
1154Eyes13Farmer land Rover11Marsamxett Harbour120107
1154Its this way8Night walk12Blue Morning120
1122Reflection and refraction16Facemask13Silent woodland110
1122Mending the fishing net12Swan12On the move100105
1122Door locks11Watch my back10Standing tall100
519Walking the dog16Follow the path1500
519Hold on15Natasha140089
519Water treatment13One Sunday morning1600
23Lea14Reaching high130080
23Soup of the day14Some peace1300
967Reflections in Krakow14Shopping1400
967Relaxing on the pier12The sacred ceiling120079
967Excited parrot12Windows1500
83Afternoon stroll12Lady Kate1400
83The letter box12The Bell140078
83Yellow beauty11Yesterdays news1500
10260Capital Horizon14Molise120
10260Ephemeral light11Zeus13076
10260Officer slumber13Fata Morgana130
414Spiral staircase14Crossing the street1100
414Christmas decorations 202113Door knocker120074
414St Peter square12St Thomas bay1200
148On guard11Arches1200
148Painted Windows14Napoli110073
148Beauty and the beast12Palazzo Reale1300
915Dingli radar station11Sun shade1600
915Walk on chalk12Fountain130067
915Last dropDISQ.Scroll1500
1152Take a break120Banana plantation on Dead sea - Jordan River110
115200Rose Gorge - Petra Jordan12046
115200Pink fish - Petra jordan110
11320The Auberge exit140043
11320Woman's talk1300
11610Ganni the fisherman1500
11610Early gaze130041
11610Harnessed baby1300
79Mother with children13000
935Twigs in relief12000
935Lighting darkness1200036
935Beauty is everywhere12000
1146Sparrow and seaview11000
1146Spider on pink rose1100032
1146Robin at Buskett10000